Realm of the Celestial Paladins

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Midnight Wurm Server Lore (Backstory)

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Once upon a time a human Prince by the name of Achlys was born to a loving mother and father, but he was a sneering, selfish child who grew into a sneering, selfish young man. His selfishness ran so deep that his own fairy godmother, after the death of his parents, finally grew weary of him, cursed him, and cast him out into the enchanted wood, hoping she would never hear from or see him again, "grow up or die, Achlys, I do not care which, because either way your people will be better for it."

The spoiled prince, who had never a day in his life had to do anything for himself, stood in the middle of the forest and shouted as loud as he could that life was not fair and everything that happened was the fault of his fairy godmother. She, of course, did not hear him, but a bear just awakening from hibernation heard all of this awful din and decided it would be a good idea to make it stop. One swipe from a massive paw rendered the prince silent and the bear lumbered back into its cave to catch a few more weeks of sleep.

Hours passed, the prince did not move, and nobody came to his rescue. Everything would have gone according to his fairy godmother's plans if not for a single butterfly and a unicorn named Zorya.

Spring was her favorite time of year, of course, because there were colorful butterflies that tickled her on the nose and showed her where the best flowers were. This time the butterflies did not show her a field of flowers, no, this time a single butterfly lead her to the cave of the slumbering bear where she found a beautiful, human prince deep asleep with a bleeding wound on the back of his head. Any other unicorn would have walked away, knowing how deeply awful a human must have been to have ended up in front of a bear's cave in the middle of an enchanted forest, but Zorya was naive and instead lifted him up onto her back and carried him to her home.

Weeks went by before the prince finally woke up from his cursed sleep. By this time Zorya had fallen deeply in love with his angelic face and did not take any notice of the cruel spark in his eyes when he agreed to take her as his bride if she helped him get back to his home, 'me, a great and beautiful prince, marry a common woman? I think not. But if she will help me leave this place I will promise her the moons. There is nothing saying I must keep this promise to her, after-all.'

Only the purest heart can see through a unicorn's illusion of humanity and take notice of the shining horn in the middle of its forelock. Obvious to anyone who met the prince, he did not posses such a thing. Therefore Achlys did not know how truly rare and beautiful his bride to be was. All he could see when he looked at her was a common girl, with dirty white hair, in a dirty white frock. The small shining beacon of hope that was stamped upon her brow did not shine for him.

Zorya led Achlys out of the forest and back to his great castle where his fairy godmother had already taken possession of the throne and was auditioning new rulers. When she saw Zorya leading the awful prince back to her she cursed the unicorn to forever be seen as only a common human woman by any who saw her, "furthermore,," she frowned, "Achlys will keep his promise to you and you will be his queen for as long as you live. Whether or not you find this agreeable now, I guarantee you will know it is a curse soon enough."

A few years passed and then Stjarna and Stjerna were born. They were the most beautiful babies one could hope for, with shining white hair and tiny stars upon their foreheads. Their mother blessed them with the names of the twin stars, Stjarna and Stjerna, because she foresaw that they would some day join the stars and shine over the world.

Rather than rejoicing in the birth of his beautiful children, however, Achlys was indifferent to both the twins and their mother. He had really never loved her, did not feel that any children of their union could be acknowledged as royal, and had recently grown fond of a lovely courtesan who was as selfish and vain as he himself and who was very good at flattery. He lavished attention on her and did not attend their birth or, for that matter, attend to his wife in the days after. Zorya finally realized who and what she had married and died of a broken heart, leaving her infant twins to the mercy of their careless father and his concubine.

The twins were raised in the royal court, but were treated like vassals rather than as the crown prince and princess. Over the years the concubine gradually lost her looks and King Achlys tossed her aside for a younger, wealthier noble woman with ties to a very powerful rival kingdom. She gave birth to a son and the twins were cast aside in favor of this new child, who was named crown prince the instant he was born.

The King, not having spent any time with the twins, had no understanding of his children at all and was wholly paranoid that they were plotting against his new family. He exiled them to a distant land, but covered his decision based on fear with false stories of royal lands and riches awaiting them. He had no idea what the new lands were like, nor did he care. His only motive was getting them as far away from the new prince as possible.

Stjarna and Stjerna were not fooled by their father's lies. They knew he was the reason they did not know their mother's love, because they had been raised in secret by their Aunt Selene, posing as a nurse maid. She told them the history of her younger sister, how she had fallen in love with the prince and been cursed by the godmother.

The godmother had come to regret her anger and had seen what harm she had done. Unfortunately once a curse is done it cannot be undone without causing more harm than good. In order to fix things as best she could she gave their aunt and cousins the gift of the shape-shifter in order to stay close to the twins. Because of this their constant companions, their twin cousins Kohnsu and Breksta, had always been around to keep their spirits and hearts light and their aunt had always been there to keep them from harm and from being as naive to the ways of the world as their mother had been.

Stjarna had a fiery temper and an uncanny ability to wield any fire based magic, but she never lashed out in her anger and only used her powers if she felt an injustice was being done or a life needed saving. Her life was ruled by her emotions, but never dominated by them. She was quick to anger, but also quick to forgive. Her colors were red and orange, like the rising sun, a burning flame or the lava that flows from the mountain named for her. Her pet was a Phoenix named Electryone.

Stjerna was the calmer of the two, the constant and contemplative twin who was rarely seen angry, but who would protect fiercely any creature or human who was in need. His life was ruled by his logic, his ability to wield any kind of plant based magic, and he was a talented healer. His colors are green and blue, the color of plants and water, the basis of life and healing energy. His pet was a nine-tailed kitsune named Borvo.

Upon arriving at their new home the twins were not surprised to learn that the lands were being ravaged by dragons, trolls and other creatures of the dark. The presence of Vynora, Fo, Magranon and Libila in these new lands was the cause. There was a great war between the dark and the light and, for many years, it had gone unchecked in what would soon come to be known as the Realm of the Celestial Paladins.

The twins appealed to the gods of light and dark, but found both sides to be quite stubborn about their war against one-another. However, the twins immortal heritage had passed to them powers that were equal to those of the gods and they were able to successfully quell the war and, for some time, the new lands were relatively peaceful. In fact, it would be centuries before the war began again, but not until the twins themselves had ascended to god-hood.

During the time of peace it came to the attention of their father, King Achlys, that they had tamed the gods and stopped the bitter wars that were tearing the lands apart. This gave him more cause to fear them than ever before and also an aching need to repossess the lands he had granted to them, now that they were no longer under threat of annihilation. Still, he did not act against them, because his fear of death was great and so was their rumored power.

Other realms also heard of the greatness of the twins and sent their warriors to reap the benefits of training under these two. Some would go back to their own realms, teaching these new methods to others, but those who stayed became known as the Celestial Paladins, named for the twins whose names came from the stars.

Soon King Achlys heard of the gathering warriors and became quite anxious. His fear soon turned him into a raging lunatic bent on destroying his children and taking back the lands for his beloved son, Crown Prince Aithon, who was just as sick and twisted as his father and had no love for his brother and sister. In fact it was Aithon who eventually twisted his father's heart towards their destruction, because Aithon desired power and the lands they possessed became an obsession for him.

The twins were not concerned about any of their plots until they learned that Aithon had enlisted the help of some minor gods who sought to over-throw all the others and had decided to set their sights on the four gods who were residing in the new world. These minor gods had already vanquished many minor deities and had gained the powers of these others, bringing them ever closer to the level of power it would take to vanquish all four of the major deities.

This news was what finally brought even Libila into temporary accord with the others and they, along with the twins, erected a force shield around the Realm that would keep out all those who would seek to destroy them and it out. There was a price to be paid for such power, however, and the twins were removed from their mortal shells and set up in the realm of the gods where they now reside, watching over their lands and peoples for all eternity. It is unknown if they will ever return in mortal form, but the other gods are becoming restless again and the twins help may soon be needed.

In the meantime it is rumored that their mother, Zorya, has been reborn in human guise and is currently roaming the lands in the company of a purple dragon and a man known only as Life. The twin companions, Breksta and Kohnsu, have also returned and it is Zorya who keeps them safe.

Sometimes appearing as humans and other times as unicorns, Breksta and Kohnsu are now in the world as messengers of the twin gods. They impart wisdom to any and all who would hear them speak.

"They are coming," they say, "quietly, like a deadly fog on the edge of a dark shore, they are slipping into our realm. They have found a hole in our defenses and they are tearing through. Soon, too soon, they will arrive and the world will know a darkness it has never known before. Hear us, save us, join the cause of the Celestial Paladins before it is too late and our world is no more."

The 3D World was generated by LifesaverM. Offical Maps and Primary Naming Conventions by KrissyKat. Code for Wurm Unlimited by Code Club AB. Game Mods by LifesaverM, and other authors. Midnight Wurm, Midnight Watchmen Gaming Community, nor Beyond Web Creations, LLC are affiliated with Code Club AB.

These maps are for use by our players to assist with their enjoyment of the game, all other uses prohibited without permission.

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