Midnight Wurm Store

Convenience Items and Upgrades

Be sure you specify your character's name so we can match payments quickly. Please open a support ticket in world once you have completed your purchase so we can track your request and make the process as smooth as possible.

Bank upgrade notes: Keep in mind you can only have a maximum of 20 bank slots. By default you already have 5 slots for free, so a maximum of an additional 15 slots can be purchased. Please note bank upgrades do not take effect until the next server reboot. Generally this means it will take effect after the weekly maintenance window on Mondays (See FAQs for time). The cost is $1 per slot + paypal's fees. Packages for alts the fees are absorbed. You must purchase at least 1 main upgrade to purchase for an alt.

    Bank Slot Upgrades
  • MAIN - Additional Bank Slots for Primary Character
    Choose quantity:
    Character name

  • ALTS - Additional Bank Slots for an Other "Alt" Characters
    Choose quantity:
    Character name

  • APPEARANCE CHANGE - $6USD - Receive a silver mirror and change the appearance of your character.
    Character Name:

  • GOD CHANGE - $12USD - Swap gods between 2 of your own characters. (Characters must be associated with the same SteamID.)
    Characters to swap

  • HotA Statues - Purchase any HotA statue see the Wikipedia article for model reference. As they are light sources the first box is for the default white glow, the second box is for the color option. You must provide us the RGB color value you want. ex) Purple is (128,0,128) Choose wisely we will not change them later for free.
    Choose standard type:
    Character name

    Choose color type:
    Character name
    RGB Color: ex. (0,0,0) format

  • Server Fund - Donate to the Midnight Wurm Server Fund in $1 increments.

  • CHECKOUT - Via PayPal Express (you do not need a PayPal account to checkout)

We are committed to not being a Pay2Win environment. Therefore, we offer convience or cosmetic items that do not provide a direct player advantage.