Learn to Play Wurm

Resources, and Tools for new and veteran players alike.

    Important New Player Necessities
    There are two things that will be critical to your success in Wurm. The first is the Wurmpedia Wiki. This is Wurm's official wiki and we should point out that it is for Wurm Online. What this means to you is most of the informaion will apply to you but in Wurm Unlimited things are Modded from server to server. We try to make note of these changes on the main front page of our website so you are aware of what is different here from 'vanilla' Wurm. Additionally visit our FAQs page as in addition to our rules contains some additional details about our environment.
    The second is some base core mods that are a necessity to get the maximum enjoyment from not just our servers but almost all Wurm Unlimited servers. Details about this can be found at the link below. These 'base' mods do not effect gameplay or really give you any advantages. They are mods that enhance functionality like the mini map or are requirements for being able to see and interact with our custom content that does not exist in 'vanilla' Wurm as we call it. You can still play without these base mods but you will see burlap sacks with question marks on our custom content and items that have been changed will not appear correctly or have the correct colors.

  • Wurmpedia
  • MOD Installer