Midnight Wurm Cluster FAQs

Frequently asked questions, rules, and guidlines

Table of Topics
Disallowed Names
Temporary Housing
Public Market
Highway Numbering
Highway Deeding
Highway Payments
Highway Violations
Multiple Characters
Server Maintenance
Abandoned Vehicles
Sandstone Veins
Server Staff
Event Hosting

    The FAQs - Revised September 18, 2017
  • RULES Q: What are your rules?
    A: We have adopted Wurm Online's rules as our baseline so be sure to familarize yourself with them. Additional topics can be found below.
  • DISALLOWED NAMES Q: Are there any restrictions on character names?
    A: Yes. Any use of the prefix Gm, vulgar, racist, politically charged, copyrighted names, names listed in the server lore (see world details), or any name that may elude to being an admin are not permitted on the server. If found to be in violation a GM will inform you of the problem and ask for a new name and will change it for you. If found while you are offline your character may have their name changed to something temporary contact a GM and they will facilitate a change.
  • SUPPLIES Q: Are the supplies found in Twilight's Edge crafting area free to use?
    A: Certainly. Please do not keep the tools when you are done with them they are for everyone to use. Take ony the supplies you need so their is material available for everyone. We try to keep it stocked and seasoned players are welcome to donate supplies for the cause (like logs).
  • STORAGE Q: Where do I go to store the things I collect?
    A: Most folks build a small cart, lock it, and leave it in the cart parking lot near the public crafting area until they venture off on their own. You can also find a location outside of the starter city (except between the docks and city deed) to place your tent and store items. Also see temporary housing.
  • TEMP HOUSING Q: Do you have a temporary housing area for new players?
    A: Yes we do. Open a support ticket ingame requesting assignment of a home. These assignments are meant to granted to players for 1 to 2 weeks. Upon request this can be extended to one month. The temporary homes have a bed, chest, bulk storage bin (bsb), a place for food, and a small pen to secure a couple animals. Housing is available in both Twilight's Edge and Watchman's Docks.
  • MONEY Q: How do I earn money?
    A: There are a number of ways to earn money. You can forage/botanize grass tiles for loot you can sell to traders, additionally this action gives a rare chance of looting coin directly. You can kill a creature, as all creatures provide a bounty. You can participate in one of our events, or win a competition. You could provide labour to another player for performing actions such as digging, mining, gathering, or helping with a project. You can assist the staff in highway construction or other server projects under our work bounty reward program.
  • DEEDS Q: Are deeds free or have upkeep?
    A: We are not a free deed / no upkeep server. However, the initial 11x11 tiles are granted free. So if you just want the basics you can have a free starter deed (you'll still need 1s for the upkeep fund minimum). Founding a larger deed is no problem, those 121 free tiles will be factored in during the founding or resizing process. Maximum allowed deed size is 100 in any direction on any of our servers. Limit 3 deeds per SteamID, regardless of how many characters you have.
  • PUBLIC MARKET Q: Can I place a merchant in the Twilight Market?
    A: Absolutely, in fact each actual player is freely allowed to place up to 2 merchants total, and there is no charge for this service. Actual player is defined as a physical person, so example you can place 2 merchants from the same character or 1 from your main and 1 from an alt but NOT 2 on both.
  • TRADERS Q: Anything differant about the traders here?
    A: There will always be at least 3 traders owned by the server available to the public. Currently there is 1 permanent and 2 temporary traders in the Twilight Market, and a permanent trader at the Twin Mountains Hermitage, and Watchman's Dock. All traders are configured to have a minimum of 10 silver vs the standard 1. The global "King" fund which monthly provides funds to the traders is set by the Head GM and is variable based on the current market. The value is private, reviewed during weekly maintenance, and it will always be more than the traditional 1 Gold. Purchasing your own trader costs the standard 50 silver.
  • AFFINITY Q: Since the primary cluster server is PvE and I got a PvP affinity can it be changed?
    A: Yes, open a support ticket with your request. Please understand you can not pick your new affinity one will be assigned to you with a custom randomizer and can no way ensure you will love your new affinity. We will only guarantee that it will not be another PvP related skill. Specifically you can request a change if you have an affinity in the Thievery or War machines categories only: Thievery, Stealing, Lock picking, Traps, War machines, Catapaults, Ballistae, Trebuchets, or Turrets. As it has come up no you can't have your affinity changed if your affinity is in the toys category, or a skill you personally never use. We are however working on a mechanic that can either be an event reward or a quest reward tha will allow you to unlock a 2nd affinity.
  • HIGHWAYS Q: What are considered highways here?
    A: There are two types of highways on our cluster.
    - First, named highways referred to as official or main highways. ex) Highway 50. These are generally built by the GMs or their construction blessed by the Head GM. They will always be at least 2 tiles wide and will generally have a sand border. Where these highways connect to other highways they will be named and marked with a pointed sign. They are not to be modified in any way without GM approval, but can be connected to. If terraforming near one you can not cause the slope to change, or alter the original feel of the highway. People have spent days and weeks building these so please be mindful and respect their work.
    - Second there are standard player built highways, that are not given an official Highway number. Highways are meant to be connectors to the main highways they may lead from a deed or through a common area. They must be at least 2 tiles wide, use standard cobblestone, and no slope should exceed 15. Once built they become property of the Dept. of Public Works and can not be removed, or changed in any significant way without GM approval.
    - Lastly, when building one of our official highways ensure no slope is over 15, and use standard cobblestone. When you complete a section contact GMLife or open a support ticket who will generally within 2 days inspect, payout your reward, and sand the border to designate it as accepted and complete.
  • HIGHWAY NUMBERING Q: Explain the highway numbering scheme?
    A: The highway system for simplicity uses the same numbering protocols as the US Interstate Highway System. Simply it means East/West highways use even numbers, begining in the West; North/South highways use odd numbers, begining in the North. [See official highways map on the "World Details" page, showing existing highways and planned with official numbering.]
  • HIGHWAY DEEDING Q: Can my deed extend over a highway?
    A: Certainly, but the rules above apply you can not alter highways without GM approval. The deed may be yours but the road remains under the ownership of the Dept. of Public Works. Additionally they must remain open to the public and may not have their access restricted in any way.
  • HIGHWAY PAYMENTS Q: What do you pay for building official highways or guard towers?
    A: The short pament for work done on official highways and associated towers is 1s per 20 tile length (40 tiles total). Guard towers are at 5s. To receive pay it must conform to the rules above. For an detailed explaination read this post in the forums.
  • HIGHWAY VIOLATIONS Q: What happens if someone violates the highway rules?
    A: A GM will notify you that you violated the rule. If a minor alteration they will ask you to change it back within 24 hours, or risk sanctions. If it was a major alteration the case will be referred to the Head GM or GM Life for review. Actions can include but not limited to forceably restoring the area to its original condition via destroying structures/improvements in the way, terraforming the terrain, and/or fixing tiles. Additionally the player may be asked to provide restitution in the form of an in-game financial penalty or excepted to help with a community project. We apologize for the harsh tone however this is one area we take very seriously as it effects massive time investments and the greater community.
  • MACROS Q: Are macros or multi-boxing allowed?
    A: Automated Macros NO, Multi-boxing with conditions. We have adopted Wurm Online's rule on this matter. Automated macro programs, key locking, and unattended or scripted multi-boxing are not permitted. You must be physically controlling your avatar yourself. Prolonged robotic behaviours may be questioned by the staff, and sanctions being taken. Alts need to be doing different tasks, ie) don't use two alts to mine the same tile.
  • MULTIPLE CHARACTERS Q: Am I allowed to have multiple characters?
    A: Absolutely. There is no limit, however; each SteamID is only allowed 3 deeds (per server), more than 1 character can also be logged in at a time however be sure not to violate the rules above.
  • MAINTENANCE Q: When do you do server maintenance?
    A: We do a weekly maintenance window every Monday at 10AM US-EST (UTC-4), 7AM US-PST, 3PM UK, Tues 1AM AU-AET. Downtime generally averages 30 minutes to 1 hour. Occassionally certain wurm processes trigger memory leaks and a reboot may be required outside of this window. These reboots generally take less than 10 minutes and will be announced in-world at least 10 minutes before. These are only done when absolutely necessary.
  • ABANDONED VEHICLES Q: Can someone claim an abandoned vehicle (small cart, large cart, boats/ships(any type)?
    A: Yes, with conditions. If you believe the player has abandoned the game for more than 3 months, and the vehicle in question is not sitting on an active deed they own; you may petition to claim the vehicle. This rule does not apply to any other objects including bsbs, crates, or chests. To petition a claim for an abandoned vehicle you need to make a post in our [MwM] forums in the main Wurm board. The post title must formatted in this manner: "[ABANDON CLAIM] Object Type (ie cart/boat), Object Name (if it has one), Owner Name (include partial name if not fully visible)". Ex) "[ABANDON CLAIM] Sailboat, USS Shrimp, Joebob" - In the body of the post please include as much information about the object as possible, and why you believe its abandoned. You do not need to specify the location in this phase. Other players may also stake a claim however when contacted you must be able to describe the exact location of the ship or take a GM to the location. The claim period will remain open for 14 days. After that time if there is only one claim the object as soon as a GM is able to process the request and verify its abandoned state, will have its ownership transferred to you. If more than one valid claim has been staked it can be handled two ways: All parties will be contacted an asked their preference random roll or bidding (rare+ objects can not be random rolled). If rolled both parties will offer a number between 1-100, and random roll will be conducted by the GM and the closest to the number wins. If bidding both parties can offer to the GM a private bid offer, the highest bidder wins. Funds will go to the server event money pool.
  • SANDSTONE VEINS Q: How much ore is in a sandstone vein, I heard they were bugged?
    A: They have the same as a stone or salt tile ~54 hits. Without going into the technical details of why they are the way they are if you find one you can open a support ticket and ask for its quantity to be re-rolled. As they are more common than other veins the max cap we have placed on re-rolling them is 5k hits. So when re-rolled they will have a range of 100-5,000 hits.
  • STAFF Q: Who are the staff members?
    A: Community Assistants: DouganIronFist, Icetrias, Valdred
    Game Masters: GM Zorya
    Acting Head Game Master: GM Life aka LifesaverM
    Lead Developer and Operator: GM Life aka LifesaverM
  • VOLUNTEER Q: Can I volunteer for a project or become a member of the staff?
    A: Yes we generally always have some projects that could use some helpers. We do also periodically consider additions to the staff team as well. There are growth opportunities and the best way show you are a good candidate is to volunteer so we can get to know you. Contact LifesaverM/GMLife for more.
  • EVENT HOSTING Q: Can I host an event?
    A: If you have an idea for an event, let us know. If approved it can be worked one of two ways. We make it a server event, run it, and provide the prizes. Or you can fully host the sanctioned event and we'll aid you as needed and provide the prizes. As the host we will also provide you with a special gift as a thank-you.
  • GRIEVENCE Q: I have problem with a staff member, or their decision. Who do I contact?
    A: GM Life/LifesaverM, or BWC Support - support at beyondweb dot com
  • OTHER Q: My question isn't answered here. What do I do?
    A: You can contact a GM or file a support ticket with /support ingame or clicking Support from the Main Menu. Alternatively BWC Support - support at beyondweb dot com.
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