Welcome to the Midnight Wurm. A custom game world by MwM, for Wurm Unlimited(tm).
Welcome home to the Oasis.
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Twilight's Edge (Starter Town)

Server Cluster Details

Primary Server is a custom 4k PvE world:
Wurm Online / Code Club AB

    Starts, Gains, Configuration:
  • Skill Rate Gain: 2x faster
  • Player Combat Modifier: 2x faster
  • Action Speed Multipler: 3x faster
  • Mind Logic/Body Control Start: 21
  • Custom gain modifiers for each Characteristic
  • Max Creatures: 21,000 (currently ~18k spawned)
  • Agressive Creatures: 40% Total Population
  • Field Growth tick every 5 hours (~24 hours to harvest)
  • Breeding Time default rate
  • Live Map Viewer Updates Top of the Hour
  • Two additional deities connected to our world lore.
  • Expandable bank slots (to 20)

    Server Modifications Installed (Most):
  • AshProduce - Ash has a small chance to appear in campfires, ovens, and forges.
  • BetterCombatLog - Ingame combat log is colorized to help read combat text actions easier.
  • BountyMod - You will receive a bounty for each creature you kill, rather than random chance.
  • ChestClaim - Treasure Chests have a chance to spawn randomly on the server map, waiting for you to claim them
  • CropMod - (Partial) Crops will not wither and will remain until harvested.
  • HarvestHelper - (Partial) Server will broadcast when various harvest times are happening and close to ready. Players can also type /seasons to get detailed harvest/seasons information.
  • DigtoGround - When you dig piles will appear on the ground rather than going to your inventory.
  • FireBurnTime - Examining an oven or forge will give you a more precise time left to burn message.
  • HitchingLimits - More critters can be hitched than default, as to which ones you'll just have to see. :)
  • HotS Fixes - (Partial) Allows mycelium to spread on the server, and allows Fungus spell to be cast.
  • InBreedWarning - You'll be notified if you attempt to in breed your animals.
  • MerchantItems - Merchants have their max items increased to 100 vs the standard 50.
  • LibilaFix - Those choosing to go dark will not automatically change to HotS kingdom, so you can travel and not attempt to be axe murdered by most everything.
  • MoveMod - Allows moving items to the center or corner of a tile from the right click > move menu.
  • ProspectMod - You can now prospect inside of a mine to find veins vs. only on the surface.
  • SalveMod - Displays power value in healing covers description along with ingredients.
  • SpellMod - (Partial) Standard priest restrictions removed and need for linking. No delay between prayers (vs std 20mins). Default 5 daily limit.
  • StableMaster - Allows lead or ridden animals to be converted for a fee to a token to aid in transportation. Tokens can not be transported between servers.
  • ServerPacks - Used by other mods and allows us to add additional custom content.
  • Tweak - Traders are immortal and can not be killed
  • Tweak - Players are prevented from loot leeching dragon and hatchling slaying by simply being in the area. You must enage in the fight to receive loot.
  • Admin - a variety of tweaks/mods to ease GM administration that does not directly effect players.
*Partial means some of the options in the author's mod have been enabled but not all. Not all mods are listed here on purpose, for security or bit of mystery purposes.

-Client-side Modifications-

    We recommend all players install these mods:
  • AGO's Client Mod Launcher - Base framework
  • Live Map - make your life just easier
  • Server Packs - so we can stream our custom content to you, otherwise custom content will not display correctly or function properly.
  • Custom Map - fix for the ingame map
    We 'strongly' discourage these mods:
  • All "ESP" mods or mods that reveal all creatures or objects
  • The reveal hidden veins option in the LiveMap Mod
  • Max Toolbelt or Mods that override quality and provide max benefit automatically

**Download links at the bottom of the page.

GM Life / Ingame

-General Information and Rules-

Boats: A number of "rental" rowboats have been made available that anyone can command and access the stoarge of in the Twilight Docks area to help folks venture into the world and find their homes. Please return them when you are done with them, and keep the anchor with the boat. If no other friends play with you ask a GM for assistance when done.

Deed Information: We are not a free deed / no upkeep server. However, the initial 11x11 tiles are granted free. Additional details can be found on our FAQ page.

Real Life Money: We do not sell in game currency nor items that provide any direct advantage for real money. We do not badger players to donate to the server upkeep. A link to do so is provided for those desiring to support the community. We may opt to provide an in-game gift of some kind as a thank-you however we are NOT a Pay2Win or Pay2Play server, nor ever will. We do not discourage the exchange of money between players, in world or otherwise.

Getting Started: We have a well stocked public crafting area, a free inn, iron mine, clay, tar, and moss pits. The crafting area features a number of ovens, forges, kilns, a loom, spinning wheel, anvils, and supplies like logs, and rocks. Additionally we have complimentary small temporary housing units available. See our FAQ page for more on the housing.

Rules: In general the rules that apply to Wurm Online apply here as well (including a ban on Auto-Macros), as found on their forums. Our FAQs include additional rules and guidelines for our environment.

Religion: All four of the original deities are playable on our servers including two additional deities to support our lore. The Twilight Cathedral features altars for all 6 deities and some additional altars can found in strategic locations throughout the main city and docks. Chosing a deity to follow is done via another player priest converting you or by taking a trip to the White Altar (Fo, Vy, Mag, Stjerna, Stjarna) or the Black Altar (Lib).

Quests: We don't have any yet but have a number of ideas and will be developing those as time goes on. Additional original fresh content is planned for introduction for the player base's enjoyment. Diety missions are however enabled, and autogenerates missions throughout the week and following each maintenance window.

About Us: Our gaming community was founded in 2005, we are back by RLYC., Inc. a registered non-profit organization and partially sponsored by BeyondWeb.com our hosting company. Lead by a veteran player (started WO in 2011) we launched in December 2016, and have the resources and stability for the long haul to ensure our cluster is around for a long time to come.

World Story Synopsis

why the realm needs you...
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Aleksandr Zykov / Flickr

A set of twin gods, Stjarna and Stjerna, were created to watch over the Realm of the Celestial Paladins when they sacrificed their mortal life energies to save the lives of all beings in their realm, including the lives of the four gods; Vynora, Fo, Magranon and Libila. A darkness is quietly tearing through their defenses and the twins are trying to get you, a new member of the Celestial Paladins, to help them save their world once moreā€¦.

For the complete story visit the "World Details" page.